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Shower Thoughts Board


 tl;dr: the Shower Thoughts Board is the thing you didn't know you needed, but now know you can't live without. 

You get your best thinking done in the shower—why let it go to waste?

This is your waterproof white board. A blank canvas just for you to fill.

Perfect for:

  • inspired insights
  • epiphanies
  • works of art
  • lists
  • scheduling you day
  • spicy love notes
  • goal-setting
  • gratefuls
  • shower thoughts

The ShowerThoughts Board is waterproof, eraseable, and portable. Don't let your best thinking wash away. Let your brilliance flow! 

Struggling to get the perfect present for that certain someone who seemingly has it all?? The Shower Thoughts Board is also an excellent gift! Especially authors, students, artists, musicians, goal-setters, strategic thinkers, people with ADD/ADHD, anxious individuals, couples, roommates, swimmers, and redditors! 

*30 day money-back guarantee — if you aren't satisfied with your order, we will refund you for the price of the ShowerThoughts Board, no sweat. Please review our policy for more details. 


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