Frequently Asked Questions


Does ShowerThoughts Co. do returns/refunds

Of course friend! We understand that not everyone is going to find the boundless joy they thought they would in the ShowerThoughts Board. If you are one of said people, please take a gander at our Return Policy.

How long does shipping take?

Unless otherwise specified on the product page – such as for a pre-order item - your order will ship in 1-3 business days. Please wait 3 business days for processing plus 8 business days for shipping (within North America) to receive your package.

Where all to you ship to? 

Canada and the US. 

What currency do you charge in? 


Caring for your beloved ShowerThoughts Board

How do I take proper care of my beloved ShowerThoughts Board?

› Use the eraser to wipe down your ShowerThoughts Board after each use. The eraser works best while wet and using circular motions — Karate Kid wax on wax off style — with some pressure.

› You should thoroughly clean your ShowerThoughts Board once every week or two with soap, vinegar, Coke, or baking soda. 

› Try to avoid repeatedly unsticking the suction cup from the wall as it may become worn down and less effective. 

The ShowerThoughts Board seems innocent enough, but can it be dangerous

We wouldn't put it past the human race to somehow render this product dangerous. So here are some (hopefully unnecessary) words of caution: 

› If your ShowerThoughts Board dislodges from the shower wall it will fall on the ground and may present a slipping hazard so check before you step! 

› The hook is pokey, so don't put your eye balls too close. And be sure it hasn't fallen on the ground either because it hurts to step on. 

› The pencil and eraser are non-toxic but you could get sick if you eat them — so please don't. 

Is the ShowerThoughts Board suitable for children

The ShowerThoughts Board is likely safe for children, but here are words of caution nonetheless:

› All potential hazards outlined above (see "The ShowerThoughts Board seems innocent enough, but can it be dangerous?") pertain to children as well.

› The ShowerThoughts Board has small parts that present choking hazards for children, always monitor children around the ShowerThoughts Board because small children are always sticking things in their mouth that they shouldn't be. 

› Do not leave your small child alone with your ShowerThoughts Board because they may steal your ideas and get rich off them. Small children are not to be trusted.   

Help! My ShowerThoughts Board doesn't clean like a dry-erase board!

It's not supposed to. The ShowerThoughts Board is slightly harder to erase than conventional white boards in order to keep the water from washing writing away.

My suction cup has fallen off and now I am sad - what do I do? 

If the suction cup has become dislodged it could be for a couple of reasons: (i) it was not properly secured to a clean wall; (ii) it was pulled on too hard; (iii) it was unstuck and re-stuck it repeatedly and has lost its effectiveness; and/OR (iv) gravity finally won over the suction cup's finite ability to stay in place. 

Fortunately, the suction cup can be re-stuck fairly easily, but keep a few things in mind: (i) the suction cup works best on glass and tile, other surfaces may not work well or at all; (ii) ensure the wall is clean and dry before placing suction cup; (iii) ensure the suction cup is clean and dry before placing the suction cup; (iv) place the suction cup firmly; (v) try not to tug at the hook or ShowerThoughts Board once placed; and (vi) don't repeatedly unstick and re-stick the suction cup or it may lose its effectiveness :)  

Help! I'm all out of whatever this black writing stuff is.

Have no fear! You can order more here :)

My eraser is RIP in peace, what do I do now?

Have no fear! You can order more here :)

Your silly questions

Human kind was not meant to write in the shower, what sorcery enables this to work? 

Good ol' fashion magic.

What if I don't have any unique thoughts or good ideas? 

Keep at it! Not all ideas are great. Some ideas you thought were bad actually turn out to be good, and some ideas you thought were good turn out to be bad. If you keep plugging away, you'll be an idea machine and you'll reach new heights!

Do you guys hate the environment or what? 

No, we love the environment. We do not support unnecessarily long showers. Please shower responsibly and keep it to 5-10 minutes :)

I purchased a ShowerThoughts Board and now I'm a sad panda and/or angry bird. 

Thank you for your purchase :) We are more than happy to try to help you out if you contact us at 

I think this concept is stupid and/or I hate your company, how can I best get this message across to you?

Publicly is probably best. You can hit us up @showerthoughtsco and if you're really cheesed, be sure to tag all your friends :)