Let your brilliance flow!

Why run the risk of letting your life-altering shower thoughts wash down the drain? You've got the thoughts, now you just need the board. 

Finally, a water-proof whiteboard you can use in the comfort and moistness of your own shower.

What is the ShowerThoughts Board perfect for?

Write your bomb ideas

Capture flashes of insight before you forget

Jot down goals

Tackle homework 

Spicy love notes

Finding the cure for cancer

Acquire upvotes

Schedule your day, week, month

Coordinate your next Hollywood screenplay

Leave passive-aggressive notes 

for a roommate

Doodle your next 


Compose the next hit track

Get down your 3 gratefuls

Solve math problems 

for fun!

Log your swim workouts

Ask the big questions of the universe

Our mission is to encourage creativity and unique ideas. The ShowerThoughts Board itself was born of a showerthought, and now it is helping people like you capture their brilliant flashes of insight from the comfort, safety, and moistness of their own showers. 

Let your brilliance flow.