Stop Wasting Your Brilliance. Let it Flow!

Your best ideas, your best comebacks, your most creative problem solving, your earth shattering puns.

All wasted.

Because you didn't have something to write them down on. Well, no longer!! Buy a ShowerThoughts Board and take over the world.

It's An Undeniable Fact

You Think Best In the Shower

👉 ask the big questions

👉 map out million dollar ideas

👉 compose your greatest comebacks

👉 set goals

👉 jot down your gratefuls

👉 leave your significant otter spicy love notes

Master the Elements

Harness the Power of Shower!

Using the Showerthoughts Board you can finally let your brilliance flow from the comfort and moistness of your own shower. 

No matter how wet it gets. 

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